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Grant Applications 2018

The St. Andrew’s Society of Toronto is pleased to announce their grants program for 2018. Our priorities are Women, Children and People in Transition. The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2017. All applications should include a covering letter, information about the agency including an annual report, financial statements, details of request including details and budget for the project.

We accept digital applications (.doc, .pdf, etc.) only. If you are unable to provide this, please contact us.

Please email your questions or digital applications to

Please address any written correspondance to:
St. Andrew’s Society of Toronto
Grants Committee
3409 Yonge St.
P.O. Box 94052
Toronto, ON
M4N 2M8

Scots who had already found their feet in this new city set out to assist immigrant Scots just arriving here. Over the years the St. Andrew’s Society has maintained a keen interest in its people and its mandate. These days we have expanded our charitable endeavours to all those in need, regardless of country of origin, through the legacy of our St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation. Each year we provide grants to help organizations across Toronto.


Our Grants Committee takes a hands-on interest in our recipients and their work.

Charitable donations are made with the needs of the most vulnerable people in mind, including women, children and those new to the country.

  • We provide most of this support through agencies which provide food, counseling, housing, recreational programs and other needed services.
  • In order to make sure that the funds of the Society are needed and that they are used in accordance with the goals of the Society, members of the Grants Committee visit each charity regularly.
  • The charities we support assure us that our support is important to them, especially as government funding is being cut back, new affordable housing for the poor is not being created, and the income of the poor is not rising as quickly as the cost of living in our city.
  • All of the funds raised through membership donations and profits from events of the Society are used to help comfort, feed, teach and support others.
  • During 2011, the St. Andrew’s Society of Toronto supported a wide variety of agencies.

The St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation

The charitable activities of the St. Andrew’s Society of Toronto are carried out through a separate unincorporated organization, the St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation.

  • The Foundation was established to enable the issuance of charitable donation receipts that are recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Donations and bequests from the Society’s members, supplemented by revenue from the Foundation’s investment portfolio and its 60% share of the net income from the annual St. Andrew’s Charitable Ball (the other 40% going to the joint Ball sponsor, the 48th Highlanders of Canada) permit the Foundation to support Toronto-based charities that work primarily with newcomers to the city, women and children.

This support has totalled close to $500,000 over the past 10 years.